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Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2010 Foto Gallery 2

Suzuki mengandalkan GSX-R untuk menarik pengunjung

Another Angle...

Headlightnya mirip FU...

GSX-R From Behind ...

Sexy banget nih motor...

Terpukau oleh GSX..

Suzuki Gladius...

Suzuki Gladius Dari Depan

Dilihat menarik juga yah Gladius...

ZX-6 ... best 600cc ..

The green Kawi...

Er-6 , versi fairing looks much more cooler!

  1. ian
    November 8, 2010 pukul 11:27 am

    asli gan bagusan ini sama cbr kmaren stylenya…..

  2. November 9, 2010 pukul 8:40 am

    JMS 10 kali ini kurang greget apalagi kurangnya motor konsep yang dihadirkan macem V-II yang sempet buat heboh vixioner itu…

  3. Diavel mode
    November 9, 2010 pukul 9:15 am


    • Desember 13, 2012 pukul 1:58 pm

      I’m not saying there’s no risk, but I iigmane that if you’re out riding on a section of road that is famous for exactly this sort of motoring you’re aware of and have accepted that risk. Obviously people here have commented that they avoid Mulholland on the weekends for exactly that reason: they don’t want to risk it. There are a million other nice roads everywhere in coastal CA with much less traffic on which the likelihood of *another motorcycle* taking you out is essentially nil (which I’ll argue is only slighty higher on roads like Mulholland, the Dragon, Hwy 9, etc.)How many of those motorcycle-on-motorcycle accidents happen annually in the canyons? I’d venture to guess the answer is: so few that the figures are statistically insignificant. Anecdotally, I lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains for a while, actively involved in the motorcycle community, and never heard of one instance. We accept the risk when we go out to ride these roads and, again anecdotally, everywhere I’ve been all the local spots have regulars that police their own.Although I now live in a miserably flat state with no wonderful mountain roads I’ll include myself in this statement because I’ve always ridden quickly on the backroads: we are not the problem.Some legitimate problems:-Inadequate rider education-Inexperienced, uneducated and under-equipped riders with high-powered bikes-The urban street-racing culture-Helmetless pirates and squids smashing themselves to bits everywhere and giving motorcycling alot of unneeded bad pressShow me footage of high-speed lane-splitting through rush hour or racing through urban centers and I’ll flame away but for God’s sake, leave the fully-suited sport-riding enthusiasts having a bit of fun in the canyons alone.

  4. imi
    November 11, 2010 pukul 10:37 pm

    mantabbbsssss…..jadi pengen!!

  5. RaYRiE
    November 25, 2010 pukul 6:34 pm

    btw itu gsx r 125 atau bkn??
    m kisaran harganya brp ya itu kira”??
    naksir bner liat bodynya…wkwk

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